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The Silly Creatures were created from make-believe stories by a six year old boy named Simon (Read Silly Creature stories...) Simon’s enthusiasm led his mom to make the characters real and tangible as well as fun and educational. Read our story...


The Silly Creatures are not your regular stuffed toy filled with fluff. Instead of stuffing, they have functional organs such as stomach, guts, heart and womb that children can manipulate to discover how they work.

Polished stones or larger stuffed balls are their food. Feed them and then squeeze the food through the digestive system until it comes out the other end. This is a great way to help a child develop fine motor skills.

Silly Creature Moms carry babies inside that can be delivered and then nursed. Learn more about product features...


Our Mission is to provide fun and safe educational toys. Silly creatures help children become aware of basic bodily functions as a fun way to promote health. Learn more about health education value and therapy use....
We care about the environment and the health of our children. MADE IN THE USA, our toys undergo rigorous safety testing. Learn more about our commitment to social responsibility and green practices.
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