Benefit for the SPCA Tangie for Queen of Fantasy Fest

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PM dog play dead

Skilled dog does anything for a treat.
Human name Paul Menta

Phobe the no hunting dog

My name is Phoebe and I’m 18 months old. I’m not sure how to be a pet dog because I was bred to be a hunting dog and don’t like to hunt.
Someone was mean to me and made me afraid of everything. And I mean everything!.  I’m very skittish and don’t have confidence. But I’m patient and feel positive about the future. 

Human name: Bill Murphy

Sli the cow

Sli cow was a normal cow growing in Montana, she was soon going to be send to the slaugthter house, One day while trying to run away she slided on the ice with her 4 legs going in different directions, it took many hours to save her.  After that day her humans take very good care of her, everybody loves her in the house so became a pet and not going to the slaughterhouse anymore.
Human Name: Andrea Lujan

Woofgang Amadogus Mostfarts

Woofy lives in Naples Florida and was adopted from the local shelter, every year they have a large birthday party for him and all his friends old and new get together to have a good time.

Human name: Meghan Toppino.

Montana Friends, Chester, Gabby and Norma de Cow

Faithful k9 companion Key West dogs do not understand why their friends country dogs are not allowed inside the house.  Obedient pet cow runs to her human friend.
Human name: Andrea Lujan

Key West Chicken

Modeling to help the SPCA, he hopes you will like this pictures and donate more.


This chicken prefers not to be caught by the chicken catcher so he pays attention to his surroundings

Life in Margaritaville

Yes this chicken is a parrothead

Rear View

Showing all his sides

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