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Silly Creatures K-BEU Mom Pillow

The K-BEU Mom Pillow

Ages 1 and up

Made of super soft organic cotton fleece free of harmful chemicals, she will be the perfect sleep companion for your child.

K-BEU Mom Pillow has a baby in her womb that can be delivered and nursed. She eats big stuffed cotton balls so that even the littlest ones can enjoy feeding her and help her go potty.  Click here to learn more and purchase Kbeu Mom Pillow...

Meet the K-BEU Family!

Ages 4 and up

Feed colorful polished rocks to these adorable creatures  and help them pass through their digestive system all the way to their rear end.

The mom’s side opens to see what’s inside and it is the easiest to use (skill level 1). The dad opens in the back and it is more challenging (skill level 2). The baby doesn’t have a rear end so stones need to be retrieved back at the mouth, posing a higher level of difficulty (skill level 3). See how it works...

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Kbeu Dad
Kbeu Mom
Kbeu Baby

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