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“I am a movement therapist working with infants and young children with special needs and use the Silly Creatures K-BEU Mom Pillow and K-BEU Dad in my practice. The children love playing with these soft plush creatures -they love the spider-like shape of the creatures and the different holes for exploring digestion and elimination; they enjoy feeding the silly creatures the different colored stones that are included; they love the little baby silly creature that comes out of the Mom Pillow's belly and enjoy creating elaborate stories about the creatures. These toys are educational and provide hours of imaginative play and are extremely well-made using organic material. I highly recommend them!!!”

Naomi Swanson, MSW, LICSW, The North-West Neoromovent Center, Bellevue, WA


Therapy Fun Zone Blog Reviews by Tonya Cooley, OT


Fine Motor Skills with Kbeu (K-BEU Dad)


K-BEU Mom and Baby for Fine Motor Skills (K-BEU Mom Pillow, K-BEU Baby)


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