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Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine: Her Crowning Glory

Organic B-Day Crown a Hit
My son, who loves to wear costumes, loved wearing this birthday crown. What makes it unique is the soft design and wearability factor, as it is adjustable with a velcro tab. It does not crack, bend or break the way traditional paper crowns do. My son would continued to wear his crown long after the party had ended. I highly recommend this product.
Barb, WA

This is the single best birthday [piece of] apparel item ever. The crown is durable, soft, and long-lasting since it comes with attachable numbers. My son loves it and wears it even though his birthday is long past. He even created his own "family crest" felt which he places on the front which supplants the numbers. He wanted to wear it at Burger King, but that would be showing up all the other children there.
Diana, NV

Great Invention!
I love this birthday crown, it is durable , soft, and fun to wear.
My kids loved the material, because it is soft and comfortable to wear.And , I can use it and reuse it for all of our birthdays.It will save us lots of money in the long run. Plus they don't sell crowns as nice at the store.
Rochi, FL

Organic Cotton Birthday Crown!
This crown is very soft and comfortable. My son loved wearing it during his Birthday party and was happy to know he could use it for his next Birthday with the right number.
It's also great for playing pretending and costumes games.
Sari, WA

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