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The Silly Creatures started appearing as an idea in our home stories and games in late 2009. Read Silly Creature stories...

For Christmas that year, Simon asked Santa for a silly creature toy. He didn’t believe that he could get it though, because he thought it was all made up and that silly creature toys didn’t exist.

I thought I could buy a silly creature toy, but I searched everywhere and couldn’t find any. Then I thought I could make one at a store where people can make teddy bears and other stuffed animals. To my dismay, the choices were very limited and there was none that looked like a silly creature.

After a lot of searching, on-line and in stores, I was able to find a couple of stuffed funny faces. I thought I could add some arms and legs to make them look like silly creatures. The picture to the right shows how I wanted them to look like.

But I didn’t have the skills, tools and materials to make it and I run out of time. Christmas was coming fast, and all I had time to do was change the tag to read “Silly Creatures”.

After volunteering at school craft parties, I felt confident enough and I promised Simon that we would make silly creatures during the spring break.

- “But I don’t like your silly creatures, Mama,” said Simon. “They are not supposed to be like that,” he added.

- “Well, here is some paper. Draw them the way you think they are,” I said.

This is what he came up with, he even gave them names: Kbeus, Crayebsie and



















As planned, during the spring break, we went to the fabrics and crafts store and got the materials for our first silly creatures. Simon selected the Kbeus to go first.

After assembling all the body parts, we stuffed Kbeu-1 and I sew it closed. But Simon asked me to open it, because he wanted to play with the stuffing, removing it and filling it again. He was so fascinated with that, that I decided to add a hook and loop fastener, so he could open it and close it at will.

Simon was so interested of what was inside of Kbeu-1, that I decided to add a digestive tract composed of an esophagus, stomach and guts, respectively connected to the mouth and to a rear opening.

Initially we used buttons for food, which Simon could feed through the mouth and recover through the other side. He was totally fascinated with the game, and so were our friends when we showed it to them at a play date.


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