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K-BEU Baby Plush Pinata Fillers With Favor Bags

It’s finally time to ditch the cheap plastic stuff and candy overload! Treat your child and his or her guests with these delightful creatures MADE IN THE USA. A pack or two of these pinata fillers is all you need to make your child’s party into an unforgettable blast.

These K-BEU Baby Pinata Fillers are fully compatible with the Silly Creatures™ K-BEU line of  toys and can be delivered and nursed  with K-BEU Mom or with K-BEU Mom Pillow.

K-BEU Babies can also be fed with Silly Creatures™ Polished Colored Stones, or any other small objects. Bags are included to be filled with Silly Creature “food”.

Our pinata fillers offer many possibilities for party activities. We suggest putting the polished stones into a treasure chest and have the children find it and fill their little bags with the bootie. When the children break the pinata they will get these amazing little creatures to eat the stones. Kids will love feeding their Kbeu Babies! Any other small objects will do too.

WARNING: Do not put rocks or any other heavy object inside the pinata.

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10 lb Package   Price $ 79.99   Quantity

Set of 10   Price $ 49.99 Quantity
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