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Thank you!!!

“Thank you for creating this fun, new toy! As an educator, I've enjoyed sharing Silly Creatures with my students, and I've also shared it with my niece and nephews. Kids LOVE it! We all get such a kick out of how unique and cute he is, while being so interesting to manipulate and play with. There really isn't any other toy like it. Genius! :) “

Anette Sorensen, M.Ed. BCBA, Seattle Autism Consulting LLC


Silliness that tickles the brain bone

“I have worked with many children with sensory and cognitive challenges, so obtaining a toy created with their needs in mind made sense. That these silly creatures are also created by a mother and her child with special needs made even more sense. This is why. K-boo Dad turned out to be a soft, durable toy/therapeutic creature with a big smile. He is stuffed, not in the traditional sense, but packed with innards that are also of a soft material with the added dimension of polished and colorful stones (kibble) in a bag. By feeding him and pushing the food through him, a child can enjoy not only traditional play with a friend or caregiver, but will tactilely and conceptually experience a close-ended activity, general anatomy, the process of food digestion, and even toileting without the "EW" factor. I give the toy my "THUMBS UP" for Silliness that tickles the brain bone.”

Gale Prol, M. Spec. Ed, Autism Specialist and Advocate, Tucson, AZ


Special Education Teacher - Great Classroom Tool!

“I teach a special education class for 5-7 year old students. Kbeu has become a favorite toy in the class and has been very useful from a teaching standpoint. Initially, my students were very excited about the fact that you could put notes/gifts into Kbeu's heart and give them to another person (I had a lot of exchanges in the classroom - this made for some great social interaction -practice opportunities!) The use of the small rocks being pushed through Kbeu's "digestive tract" is a great fine motor activity for the students! It helps them build both hand strength and dexterity, and it's something they thoroughly enjoy doing (they don't even realize they are "working"!) Overall, Kbeu has been a very useful tool in my classroom, and it has been greatly embraced by my students! Thank you for making this product and I highly recommend it!!!

Tiffany Nygren, Sp. Ed. Teacher, Audubon Elementary, Redmond, WA


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