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K-BEU Creatures are Teachers and Friends - Review of the K-BEU Family

“A few weeks ago a package arrived in the mail for me. Inside were two of the cutest, completely toddler-proof creatures I had ever seen! One is a great fabric 3-D representation of how the gastrointestinal system works, the other shows how a baby grows (near a mommy’s heart) inside any mammal.  

K-BEU Dad is fantastic for explaining to my pint-sized patients why it is important to eat healthy, and how the body rids itself of waste.  The K-BEU Mom  is very reassuring and comforting  to kids with the first stirrings of curiosity about how the baby grows inside the mommy.

Of course, to use these at work I had to literally sneak them out of the house while the kids were sleeping! The 3-year-old loves them but so do the 5, 7, and 9-year-old!  Literally hours of play with these in our house since they arrived. The boys have agreed that they can go with me to work but need to come home nights and weekends. So my office and my children have kind of a split custody arrangement!

Thanks to the creative and flexible minds at Silly Creatures for sharing these fantastic creatures with us, and for creating them in the first place!”

Deborah Gilboa, MD, Dr.G

Great educational toy

“We have a Kbeu Dad in our naturopathic clinic. With it we can explain to our young patients what it means when they have a tummy ache, why it is important to eat healthy foods, and what happens to food after they swallow it. The range of textures, including very warm and soft fabric, and then hard and cold polished semi-precious stones, offer a variety of sensory experiences that are appreciated by a wide variety of children.”

John Ruhland, ND, The Natural Health Medical Clinic, Seattle, WA


Excellent toy and teaching tool

“The K-beu Dad is such a unique and fun educational tool I use in my medical clinic to help kids understand how our bodies work and why it is so important to look at what we ingest. This toy makes it easy to demonstrate the basics of the digestive system, but is also very fun just to play with. Even my 1 year old son has his own that he likes because it is so soft and colorful. I highly encourage anyone to purchase this toy for their child or practice.”

Amy Derksen, ND, Holistic Healing Arts, Bellevue, WA






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