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Fine Motor Development 0-6 years - This article published on the site provides basic information about children’s skill levels from birth to 6 years old.

Based on typical children’s developmental timetable but recognizing that not all children develop at the same pace, we have assigned skill levels to our products. That way we make it easier for you to decide which products are suitable for your children regardless of their age but based on their actual skills and challenges.


Toys in this level: K-BEU Mom Pillow*

The child can grasp objects with one hand and use each arm for a different function. Silly Creatures in this level help develop hand-eye coordination and grasping strength.


Toys in this level: K-BEU Mom with Baby*

The child has developed a pincer grasp and can move fingers independently of other fingers, is capable of drawing lines and circles on a paper and to cut straight lines with scissors. Playing with Silly Creatures in this level will help develop finger strength that will help establish the tripod pencil grasp. A child may still be at this level if his/her thumb lays flat or convex on the pencil instead of grabbing it, a sign of a finger’s lack of strength.

No additional visual difficulties are added to the play.


Toys in this level: K-BEU Dad, K-BEU Baby with Food Stones*

The child has developed enough finger strength and coordination, that he or she is ready for a higher challenge. The parts to manipulate are not visible at first, and that adds some difficulty but more fun to the task.

*Note on K-BEU Babies: K-BEU Baby with Food Stones has no rear opening as does the Baby that comes with K-BEU Mom, that’s why they are at different levels. The K-BEU Baby that comes with K-BEU Mom Pillow can be fed stones when the child reaches the age of 3 and is equivalent to K-BEU Baby with Food stones (stones can be purchased separately).



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