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TROUBLE WITH KBEUS, a story by Simon and his Mom


“Look at the silly creatures I drew, Mom!” Max said and then he dumped a bunch of small toys out of a box in the middle of the living room. “Would you help me make fabric silly creatures?” he asked. “I am looking for craft materials,” Max looked innocently at the angry face of his mom.

“Today is cleanup day!” Mom announced. “ And I still need to finish preparing dinner. Please go tidy up your room so I can vacuum it quicker. After that we can make some silly creatures together with fleece and pipe cleaners while the food cooks.”

“Yes!” Max dashed up the stairs, stepping on a squeaky rubber pig and kicking a wooden train out of his way.

“What a mess!” Max thought, as he stopped suddenly when he got into his room. “Oh, well, I will start picking up these puzzle pieces scattered all over.”

All of a sudden, an orange fluffy creature with eight furry wiry legs and a pigtail darted out of the closet.

“I am Kbeu-One!” the silly creature screeched with a big smile on its rectangular body. Antennas curled forward and tongue hanging out, it whirled around the room several times. Then landed softly on the bed and headed toward the toy chest.

Max’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, when another silly creature burst out from under the bed.

“I am Kbeu-Two!” the pink rectangular creature screeched happily as his nine legs strode quickly toward the bathroom door. But before it could get in, it bumped into a third creature zooming out at an amazing speed.

“Get your legs off my antennas!” screeched the yellow Kbeu-Three, soaked in water and carrying a roll of toilet paper with its five legs. Max couldn’t stop jumping and laughing with excitement. The two creatures were arguing with legs and antennas all tangled together in the toilet paper when Max saw his teddy bear flying overhead, then his red dump truck, then his wooden stegosaurus.

Oh, no!” Max turned his head and found the culprit. “Please stop making a mess, Kbeu-One!” he could already smell the roast cooking and he knew his mom was coming soon.

“Kbeus don’t clean up, we only have fun!” screeched Kbeu-One playfully as he got into a puzzle box and started spitting the tiny pieces out in all directions.

“Yahoo!” Max was jumping on the bed gleefully, when something soft and moist hit his ear. Kbeu-Two and Kbeu-Three were now having a snowball fight with toilet paper, while running around the bed.

“Are you done cleaning up your room?” Max’s mom cried from downstairs. “I have the craft materials ready. Just need to get the scissors.”

“I don’t even know what to say to her,” Max whispered looking at the mess in his room.

“I need to do something fast, before Mom sees this!” Max thought. Quickly, he got a trash bag from the bathroom. He carefully placed a drumstick between the handles.

“What a fun tent!” screeched the three silly creatures, all at once.

“This is a party tent,” said Max to the silly creatures. “Get in and you will see how fun it is! Don’t forget to take all your stuff with you and put the toys back where they belong!”

“I will be first!” said Kbeu-Three.

“No, I will be first!” said Kbeu-Two.

The three silly creatures rushed to pick up all their mess and put it in the bag. Kbeu-One dove right in first, followed by the others, who were still fighting about who would be first. Max quickly tied up the bag shut and put it aside. Then he took his sweater off to cool down and sat on the bed to catch his breath.

“What a tidy room!” Max’s mom peeked in. “I will take this bag to the garbage. XOXO, let’s sit together now.”




                                             The End


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