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Organic Party


Silly Creatures® help children learn about internal organs and systems:





About Silly Creatures® food

See how Kbeu Dad works...


The Silly Creatures® have a digestive tube that children can manipulate and observe as they push the food through it. It is visible in some of the creatures such as K-BEU Dad and K-BEU Mom with Baby. Children introduce the food in the mouth, push it through the esophagus to the stomach and then open the flap to slide it through the guts and pull it out a rear opening. This helps small children develop their fine motor skills.


Kbeu Moms have a womb where a baby can be found and delivered. They also have a teat for feeding Baby its first meals. K-BEU Mom with Baby has a cord that connects the baby to her and it can be cut when delivering to welcome Baby to the outside world.


A heart can be found inside of K-BEU Dad and K-BEU Mom with Baby. K-BEU Dad’s heart is a pouch that can be filled with a token of love, such as a note or a small present. This makes it perfect for a gift.


Silly Creatures® come with their food. Most Silly Creatures eat colorful tumbled stones. These are small pieces of rocks and minerals that have been processed in a rock tumbler to achieve a beautifully polished appearance.  

K-BEU Mom Pillow and her baby eat stuffed balls that are appropriate for children as young as 1 year old.  


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